There was that crisp coolness in the air that heralds the beginning of Autumn... I was searching for comfort food. I have been hunting for a REALLY GOOD Wood fired Pizza for a while and my quest led me to the IMPERIAL HOTEL in Bowral. This pizza met all of my requirements. A great pizza dough that created deliciously charred pockets of air inside the crust forming those little bubbles on the edge which promise softness, a fresh and tangy home made tomato sauce base, generously seasoned with salt and pepper, torn mozzarella and loaded with spicy pepperoni. My ultimate score though is full fresh leaves of Basil... do not give me dried bits of what used to be basil! When I saw the lashings of full basil leaves and big chunks of real mozzarella, I knew I had found what I was looking for! The extra spiciness of the VESUVIUS with its chilli was the finishing touch to my perfect Wood Fired Pizza... you really must check it out! The pizza section is out the back, go through the main bar and down to the back section, you will not regret it! YUM!