My favourite things to do in the whole wide world involve a "feast for the eyes"... I love sensory overload, with beauty in every corner, surface and container. I could spend hours just looking at every little detail, wondering at every new discovery, swooning over carefully styled displays and vignettes. I just love to see and be surrounded by beautiful things... so DIRTY JANE'S in Bowral is definitely one of my favourite places to get lost in for a few hours! Especially if I have my camera with me! There is something so appealing about imagining every whimsical piece perfectly styled and arranged in my home... creating your own unique little sanctuary filled with artefacts that tell tales of history and ancestors. Once you have wandered through to the end of DIRTY JANE'S you will find yourself amongst the styling at SUZIE ANDERSON HOME, a gorgeous retail store for all things light and french provincial for your home. I could live inside their store... it is filled with beautiful textures and monotone decor. There are a couple of lovely coffee shops just outside and sweet little Tea Salon on the inside to revive your spirits after all of this gathering for your nest. DIRTY JANE'S is a Local favourite for a very good reason, it is a huge warehouse with 75+ dealers  and an absolute must visit in Bowral.

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